Nerdy Knitters

Nerdy Knitters is the creation that started as Christmas presents and turned into a business idea. I combined my love of knitting and nerdy things and this is what it produced. Here you will find an assortment of my creations as well as some future ideas and some amazing things created by my friends. I'd love to hear what you think! For pricing and orders, please email us at

You can also find us on Facebook

The Homestuck logo is pretty cute in knit form. The pins are in place so I can sew up the two sides and fill the pillow. The second picture got a little washed out…

This pillow is available for purchase. It costs $15 since the pattern is one sided. 

If you would like one please email me at

If you have any ideas for what would make a good pillow, send me an ask or a message! To see other things that we have made, check out our page!

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